I am a Japanese victim of mind control.
This page is against psychotronic abuse of human beings.


This site is going to move to http://www.mirai1.com/. In the new pages I am working almost in the psychological D.I.D creation. Partial symptoms are difficult to be noticed by yourself. It is advantageous for Victims to realize it as early as possible. We are losing too much time. A good approach will save victims. Perps efforts will end up in vain. (6/20/2006)

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I am a Japanese victim of thought reading and mind assaults by media, university professors etc.. This page is against psychotronic abuse of mind-control human experiments.

I had no concept and no imagination for mind-invasion until August 1998 when NHK TV media began to make continual verbal attacks through their programs. I had to live with tremendous fear of 24 hours surveillance for five years, and I am deprived of my life for a long time. Many university professors, graduate students and people who know each other participated in this violent operation. I have been deprived of much of my life and opportunities. Helicopters and ambulances continue to torture me making huge noise around me. I was nearly killed. Every one need to understand the horrible aspect of this violent technology and we should prevent to make any miserable human sacrifices.

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