Message to all visitors

Thank you very much for visiting my web site.

I am a Japanese victim of mind control. When I recognized of being mind raped, through TV programs in August 1998, I didn't have any knowledge of this sort of technologies and I had to bring myself in great confusion and fear. I believe every one must have understanding on this problem in order to defend oneself from sudden unexpected attacks.

I was able to recover my health thanks to the member of the Mind Control Victims Association of Japan. There are need for the effort of world-wide people to cease the experimentation itself. We must hurry up and reduce as many human sacrifices as possible.

Some visitors may already commit in these destruction or may do nothing knowing what is going on. Those people should know the situation is changing and must find the right way to take responsibility for the world.

If you are interested in my web site, please send me your message. I am willing to make responses.

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