Takahiro Goto

Hi, my name is Takahiro Goto. I am a Japanese victim of mind control. I was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1974.

It seems surveillance on me already began in the 80s. I received many bizarre comments relating to my personal data by university professors since I entered Kyoto university in 1992. Also every sort of media, TV, radio, news papers, magazines, songs, commercials, computer games etc., have been utilized in my experiment since around 1990.

Even though they sometimes made me feel strange, I had never imagined I was under surveillance until August 1998 when NHK TV commentator explicitly made statements on my behaviour on a program. I soon realized my thought is being read. It was (and still it is for many Japanese people) almost impossible to get any information about mind control experiment in Japan .

For about five years I had lived in great confusion and dread. I had been suffering many severe offense by professors and graduate students in the graduate school of mathematics in Hokkaido university. Many my old friends also took part in the experiment. Helicopters began to buzz around me since 2001. My privacy is almost destroyed.

I had no choice but to get away from any source of media and people for more than one year. I am getting recovered from the psychological damage through such effort. It is very important to get rid of the influence of mind aggressors. I join the Mind-Control Victims Association of Japan since last November. With the help of people there I become in a good condition. I hope these cruel experiments stop as soon as possible.

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(December 31, 2003, revised in February 27, 2004.)

My account

Takahiro Goto

A Japanese mind control victim of thought reading and related mind assaults
mainly by media, university professors and graduate students.

STOP Mind-Control My home page.

I was born in 1974 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. I am a Japanese victim of mind-control.
I am a victim of thought reading and related harassments by media, university professors and many other acquainted and unacquainted people.

It seems I had been suffering mind control much before I knew I was under surveillance. Many public figures who appear in media and lectures, including prime minister Koizumi Junichiro, elementary physicists of world fame to astronauts cooperate in the experiment to make mind control.

Media people use a certain time control methods and they are able to make offense just on time when I watching TV. They can record their programs knowing what I 'will' be doing and knowing if I will be watching them or not. The time control is a biggest mistery for me. I believe Einstein-Hawking type arguments in physics on causality and time ought to be largely modified.

I can identify many mind spies are around me since 1992. I don't know how to deal with them. If you have any good idea to normalize those misleaded people and to make them act against mind control experiments, please let me know.
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Common harassing methods used in the experiment on me

TV/radio programs(domestic and foreign channel), commercials, advertisement, songs, movies, computer games, magazines, internet and so on.

university professors, graduate students, old friends, teachers, members in university circles, colleagues in part time jobs, a patient met at a hospital, shop keepers, kinfolks and many strangers.

Other methods:
Helicopter buzzing, ambulance alarm.


1974 Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

1985 It seems surveillance on me already began around here.

1986 I am able to point out retrospectively some strange events on TV programs . It is certain they created some programs in reference to my personal data and interests.

1992 I began to met with bizarre comments concerning my privacy by university professors since I entered in the faculty of science of Kyoto university that April. Media mind-control also seems to have become harder around here.

1993 I can figure out several professor of mathematics and linguistics made statements in account of my personal data collected by surveillance in their lectures in this year and next.

1994 Songs began to be commonly utilized in the experiment on me. Often a few phrases, like episodes of my heartbreak experience, are inserted to the lyric of each songs. The number of utilized songs are quite many in total. Some hit makers still continue to make songs including spying data. Some members of sports circles and some colleague of a part time job at a restaurant seems to be informed something about my personal data collected by surveillance.

1995 A sociologist in the department of education in Kyoto university was much eager to take part in this experiments on me and he made many bizzare comments. They were more explicitly related to my privacy. He also appeared on a lecture course of NHK TV program. He seemed to know something about the project of a TV drama experiment next year.

1996 I continued to meet bizarre comments in lecture courses in physics in the faculty of science. A drama experiment took place that Autumn. A character in the NHK morning TV drama "Futarikko" was made to be borne much resemblance to me in many respects. He is in the same faculty of science of the same Kyoto university, he has much ambitions in "shogi"(Japanese chess) especially he has great respect for "meizin"(the champion of shogi) and . That program made me frightened. In November, when I was taking shower, electric like shock struck on the top of my head to my body and I became maniac state and I was sent to a hospital. I don't know the shock was caused by the mind control experiment or by too much overwork under a heavy pressure in preparing for the entrance examination of the graduate school of physics. Before being sent to the hospital some strange figure contacted me and scared me saying "if you speak what you are thinking now, you are criminal." He also stated something which exhibited what I was thinking then. It had already begun to appear pictures, commercials and words explicitly related to my personal experience or thoughts on various media, TV, news papers, magazines and so on at this time, however, they just made me feel strange. I was lacking of any information or imagination for satellite human targeting surveillance.

1997 I became deeply depressive as soon as I got back my home in Sapporo on February. I went to see a doctor every months but the treatments for me always took one minutes or so. That was no help. I had much chance of being dead. It is funny you can find some "depressive songs" were released in that period in Japan, for example "Dreaming I was dreaming", Namie Amuro. Produced by Tetsuya Komuro, a Japanese hit maker, who made many "spy songs" includes my data around 1994 to 2000. Although some of them are rather elaborate and sometimes they appeared encouraging, they have no value except for the purpose of the reminder of surveillance.

1998 My dreadful experience began in August 9 of this year. I was watching the NHK shogi (Japanese chess) program on TV. I was examining the match with my own shogi pieces and board. The commentator for the shogi match, a professional shogi player, suddenly began to tell exactly the same move as I made on the board. I was astonished and looked for a hidden cameras but there was no such devices except for my eyes. Some message were returned to my manuscript in other TV programs. I soon realized my thought or words in mind can be read. They began to make responses to my suggested move and other messages in the shogi program every week. I wondered if I was psychic. I also imagined some new technology were just developed and they were testing the machine on me to develop the psychic technology. I didn't thought I was surveyed from a distance at first. I thought someone moving in higher dimensions was checking my electrical activities with some devices. I sometimes had needle like pain on my back. I was not convinced of thought reading a long time because that program must have been recorded some days before the broadcast. Meanwhile more and more TV programs, radio, news papers, magazines etc. began to make comments on me or exhibit the content of my thought itself. I thought these technology were only limited to media. I feared my privacy is leaked to my acquaintances. I also became obedient to unseen dictators. I tried to keep on talking in my head and I cared not to consider anything I didn't want to be known or anything can be rude to surveyors. That was in vain, it made me more hypnotic. I became something awkward when I meet people, being afraid they might already know something about my privacy.

1999 I entered the graduate school of mathematics in Hokkaido university. There, what I have been most afraid of was actually happened. A professor of group theory came from Ohio state university mentioned some about my personal data at the beginning of his lectures. In the first year in the Hokkaido university most harassments were made by professors from other universities. Although these things had been taking place many times in Kyoto university from 1992 to 1997, I was not able to remember them well at that time because I had been occupied with a great fear and confusion all the time by surveillance.

2000 I suffered severe harassments since I changed the room in the university this year. Some graduate students seemed to be accessing my data. They even knew what had happen to me before I entered Hokkaido university. They got new spy information every other day. I didn't want my privacy to be completely lost. I stayed there as nothing was happening even though they became less and less hesitant to intrude me. I was misled into thinking I should give up all my privacy and collude with them. I just continued my study as other students. The fear of losing privacy is inexplicable, many old friends and other acquaintances somehow had obtained my spied data.

2001 I proceeded to the doctoral course of the same graduate school of mathematics in April to go on studying. That was bad choice. Several evil graduate students began to hang around me no sooner than I entered there. I was severely mentally damaged by them, it was as if my heart was being gouged out. I became impossible to go to the university. I wished to move to other universities but my mental damage was extremely heavy and I was helpless.

2002 Helicopter began to buzz around me thousands of times since this May. They often come up making a formation, they appear to torture me everywhere in Japan. They sometimes fly a very low altitude and I sense my house is vibrating by huge low sound. I couldn't help but to keep apart from any source of media and people since this summer. I became deeply depressive again. I was in the peril of my life.

2003 Being apart from any source of the carrier of mind control messages, the influence of surveillance weakened to some extent. I was gradually returning to what I was before 1998, however, I could not find anyone who would help me. Neither my parents, a counsellor for human right at the ministry of justice nor a high school teacher, who apparently mentioned some about what media is doing in the past and knew some about my spied data, would listen to me. They made me totally desperate. Ambulances reinforced mind assaults alarming in every two hours around me. I was nearly killed. I became unable to get home and I wandered around in the street for more than a month. I thought I should disappear. I restored some hope finding the paper of Carole Smith about mind control experiments. I sent it to my parents but they still don't understand the value of it. I attended the Mind-Control Victims Association of Japan in November. I met many victims there. I am getting recovered from psychological damages through activities with them.

(January 7, 2004)