Satellite based Mind control by media

As I wrote in the title page, I was virtually not a satellite prisoner until media attacks occurred to me in 1998. I explain how media make offense with examples for those who are not familiar to this problem.

It is not difficult to decide if you are targeted by media or not because targeted victims meet kinds of offense below almost every day.

Common types of harassing method.

  1. visual surveillance

    TV and radio performers describe what I wear, what I am eating, what are there in my room, what I see, what I am reading and so on.

  1. Thought reading

    They refer to what I am thinking upon in my head. The names of friends of mine, answers in quiz show, my remarks, questions, jokes and any messages. Some of them appear in headline of newspapers, title of cartoon films, big signs and so on.

  1. Personal information collected by 24 hour surveillance

    Distinctive topics and events which occur to me in the day or past are often mentioned in various ways.

    Shops I visit in daytime are covered in evening news. Featured articles which remind me of my bad memories. Sexual harassing comments and commercials. Frequent mention on facts which are peculiar to me.

  1. Others

    Simple conversation is possible, as far as they can respond on air. Some of my idea are developed and complemented to be published in literature. A shabby performer called my name in a live show and he is struck on his head by another entertainer. Nevertheless I refrained from TV, radios in streets and shops are used in harassments. Huge screen vision was once used.

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