"SATORARE" is a Japanese cartoon book (manga) whose motif obviously has root in thought reading victims. I believe "SATORARE" humiliate victims and I doubt these books could be published in other countries. You can by this cartoon book internet book stores. Some internet homepages introduce TV drama version of this as "TRANSPARENT" in English but I translate "SATORARE" as "PERCEIVABLE". The stories are too silly and I only translate the beginning part of it in English. Some native English speaker can translate it much better.


A person who has mysterious ability that his thoughts are perceived by people around him without talking.

Page1 "SATORORE" , Makoto Sato

Page2 Contents

Page3 Story 1 "A Love affair of Nishiyama"

Page4 (Thought wave of Nishiyama) Wow, what big boobs!

(People around him) !!!!!!!!

(Nishiyama and a woman) ........

His name is Yukio Nishiyama. He is what they call "SATORARE".

Page5 Congenial R-type callosal mutation ....... an uncomprehensible strange illness that his thoughts are perceived by every one in the radius of 50 meters. How come this happens? It is said that they have extraordinary strong will and uncontrollable amount of their emotion pour out as a concentrated thought wave like water floods from a vase. In fact they are all genius without exceptions and made great works in various fields.

Page6 His paper attracted the focus of the academy nevertheless he is merely a graduate student of quantum physics.

The government judged the talents of "SATORARE" are a common property for human race...

(Thought wave) Ah....I get an erection.

and made several actions.

(Thought wave) What should I do.....

For example he doesn't know he is a SATORARE.

(Thought wave) Wait until it became tame pretending fastening shoelace.....

Since there was a SATORARE who killed himself because he is informed he is one of it, a couple secret services keep tracking him at any place as covert bodyguards. My name is Yoko Komatsu. My mission is to keep SATORARE not to perceive he is one of it.

(Thought wave) ... it's over.


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