Mind assaults by university professors

I frequently met bizarre comments by university professors since I entered the science faculty of Kyoto university in 1992. It is certain many people in universities are working on the operations of this kinds of human experiments. It seems they are executing standard procedures of experimentation.

Direct mind assaults by people are much more cruel than distant mind assaults by media. I had been already in fear of leaking my privacy when I entered graduate school of mathematics of Hokkaido university in 1999 because I was trapped in a satellite prison by media assaults a year before.

Mind invasive attack were launched on me shortly in Hokkaido university. Although the attacks become more and more severe as day and month pass, I could not resist because I had been already suppressed by 24 hour surveillance with media. I was severely mentally damaged because of a violence by a person who retired graduate course and I had no way but to get away from the university at last.

In Japan there is no public people who admit these cruel human experiments. Many people continue to collude in these sinister operations.

Carriers of bizarre comments

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