How can we fight against various kind of verbal attacks?

Types of voice source

  1. People
  1. Media
  1. Brain Voice

I am a victim of i and ii. I suppose victims do not suffer all of three methods, since he/she must be very hard to live any longer if a person met all of them. There may be other ways of verbal harassing methods.

One of the main object of verbal harassment is to remind victims of 24 hour surveillance. The contents of verbal harassing message are much in common in either three cases as far as I can judge by my experience and story of other victims. It is conceivable they are operating in the same task flow of human experimentation.
Each attack methods have their own characteristics.

  1. People To cause problems in relationship to other people. To obstruct victims' work opportunities.
  1. Media To change subjects' senses of values. To attack the reality of victims. To make panic.
  1. Brain voice To make subjects' to misunderstand they are ill. To disturb sleep.

Operations i and ii can continue to take place without make victims aware of them. If a victim recognize the existence of mind control around him, it is urgent for him to escape from mind control as soon as possible and to minimize his losses. For that purpose, people need understand what mind control experiments is, we need sufficient support for victims and we need sufficient available information.

What victims should do.

If he/she can avoid the source of voice, he/she should get away from them as far as possible. Brain voice is very dangerous because there is no easy way to shut it off. Of course, it is possible to physically insulate distant attacks. ME wave, ultra sound wave shelters for victims of severe attacks are needed. We call for people's support as much as possible.

In case victims can't avoid voice.

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