Here are links to LAFMS-related articles that I made.

My web site : Tales from the Sonic Pharmacy

My blog : Talks from the Sonic Pharmacy

English articles concerning to :


Here are LAFMS-related articles that I produced.

A historical article to describe how I met LAFMS is gradually being constructed.

My web site entitled Tales from the Sonic Pharmacy containing
little number of English articles

English Notes for Tom Recchion's great CD "Soundtrack to a Color : Gold and Black"

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Here is my blog entitled Talks from the Sonic Pharmacy containing little English articles.

English Notes : Airway - "Live at LACE" and Commandments of Airway

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Japanese articles are available if you like.

These Airway articles are cited at Harbinger Sound web site.

Just see photos and LAFMS arts if you do not read the language in Japanese articles.

Articles are for...

A System of Human Synthesizer

Dinosaurs with Horns
Not Only an Incarnation of Solid Eye

Should Duo Be Performed by Two People?

Le Forte Four
Mr. & Mrs. Chapman & Potts Brothers are Le Forte Four

Mehaffey, Dennis Duck
Dennis Duck Goes Disco - It Returned!

Potts, Joe
Joe Is the Man Who Created Airway!
Joe vs Tom at Car Painting - It Was a Birth of LAFMS
Return of LAFMS

Potts, Rick
Rick Potts - Happy Land (Painting 1995)
Rick Potts Has Contributed to a Benefit Concert in Japan
Rick Potts Draws Dream-like Images
Rick Potts Constructs Dreamy Plastic Models
Here Ia a Super Band Named SAWS!
More about SAWS!
Rick Potts Solo - Carousal of Progress
Rick Potts Solo Disc in "The Lowest Form of Music"

Recchion, Tom
A Gate to the "Soundtrack for a Color - Gold and Black"
Tom Recchin and His Colleagues in the UK
Orkest Rova @ John Coltrane's Electric Ascention
Tom Recchion in "Not Alone" Project
Tom Recchion - Chaotica
Tom Recchion in tha Carl Starling Project
Tom Recchion in the Martin Denny Project
Tom Recchion - Sweetly Doing Nothing

One World Vision
Smegma and Richard Meltzer
Smegma - Rumblings
Smegma Collaborated with Steve McKay
Hey Smegma is the First Soleilmoon Artist!
Ju Suk Reet Meate Creates Great Art
At No Fin Festival 2006
To No Fun Festival 2007
Smegma Contributes to a Benefit Concert in Japan
Smagma Has Contributed to a Benefit Concert in Japan
Genius of Non-sense @ Nattering Naybobs of Negativity
Rondney Forest is Ju Suk, Oblivia and Tom @ No Fun Festival
The Beast is Smegma and Friends @ The Beast in the Basement
Smegma Studio Brought Great Music
Jazz. > Noise > Punk > Hip Hop > Smegma Including Lee Rockey and Perry Robinson
Mute Box Contains Data from a Great Smegma Single in 1979
Re-issued Smegma Live 1991-93
Smegma Single Collection - "The Smell Remains the Same"
Return of Dr. ID & Ju Suk Reet Meate "Acnode One" through Poo-Bah
The Rodney Forest CD-R

Solid Eye, Joseph Hammer, Steve Thomsen and Swan Trove
Solid Eye is Steve, Joseph and Rick
Joseph Hammer - Dinasty Suite 2
Steve Thomsen - Retrospective
Steve Thomsen - Conglomarate Ceiling
Swan Trove is Steve and Joseph
My Favorite Paintings
Solid Eye and Dinosaurs with Horns bootlegs
Joseph Hammer - Knob Opera (tion)
Solid Eye / When the Snowman Starts to Talk

Human Hands
Live at the Starwood (VHS Video Cassette)

Other LAFMS Articles
Blub Krad - A Musical Collection
LAFMS Christmas Benefit for SASSAS 2006
LAFMS Live at LACE 2007
Twenty first-century hip hop arose from LAFMS
Light Bulb Emergency Cassettes
The Lowest Form of Music
Phenomeral LAFMS @ I.D. Art #2 under Construction
Announcement of PreLAFMS Exhibition (Japanese)
Announcement of PreLFMS Exhibition (English)
Preliminary Program of PreLAFMS Exhibition (Japanese)
Prelimnary Program of PreLAFMS Exhibition (English)
Report of PreLAFMS Exhibition (Japanese)
Report of PreLAMS exhibition (English)

Related Articles for LA music
SASSAS presents streaming in LA
Brad Laner and Electric Company
Wall of Voodoo
Happy Squid Records
Arizona as a sourse of great LA bands
Independent Project Records
Bruce Licher & Indepenrent Project Records
Las Vegas on Mars
Johanna Went and Mark Wheaton
Syzerpunk @ Nervous Gender, Screamers and more

Cortical Foundation
Terry Riley - You're Nogood

Emil Beaulieau - Moonlight in Vermont
Emil Beaulieau Combines Electronic Music and Our Daily Life
How did Emil create "Moonlight in Vermont"?
Mr. Beaulieau Goes to Japan
Emil Beaulieau - America's Greatest Living Noise Artist (VHS Video Cassette)
Emil Beaulieau - Anti-Performance (Audio Cassette)