MCS software library
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Security Camera Analyzer
"Security camera Analyzer" is a software you want to sharpen the blurred image.
Using this software, you can comfirm a human face from a small blurred human face.

Song Analyzer
You can examine the structure of a song by using the Song Analyzer.
If you are composed in reference to the songs that made the others, Song Analyzer is very useful.

Sound Improver
Sound Improver is a software which improves sound quality of WAVE.
Most sounds of CDs are broken.
Sounds breaks by passing a microphone and an electric circuit.
Sound Improver restores a broken sound.

Easy Music Composer
Easy Music Composer is a tool that makes music easily.
You can compose a song automatically.
You can compose a song by inputting notes.
You can use many convenient functions prepared for composition.

Healing Generator
You can make a healing music using Healing Generator from your favorite music.

Super Sound
Super Sound makes a transparent chord.
You have never heard this sound.
Your music can be made into wonderful ones if Super Sound is used.

PRANKTON draws beautiful creatures.

Easy Character Maker
Easy Character Maker is a freeware for creating character.
You can create a character using figures.
This software will help your imagination.