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Please refer to make music by Easy Music Composer.
MAKES - New Album - The Heart Of The Star
This album's sounds was created by Easy Music Composer except song and guitar.

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Easy Music Composer is a tool that makes music easily.
You can compose a song automatically.
You can compose a song by inputting notes.
You can use many convenient functions prepared for composition.
What do you imagine about "automatic composer"?
Probably, you will think that computer can't make good songs.
However, Easy Music Composer makes comfortable songs using new technology.
Many automatic composition software does not have flexibility.
But Easy Music Composer has high flexibility about composition.
This means you can make your favorite songs without musical knowledge.
Easy Music Composer FreeEasy Music Composer
This software is freeware.
It makes a song of 8 bars at the maximum.
This software is shareware.
It makes a song of 255 bars at the maximum.
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