Using a mirror, draw your self-portrait (head and shoulders).

Welcome to Student Gallery, Lesson- Self-Portraits.

A.学習活動名/Lesson Title [Learning Activitie]
自画像(6年)Self-Portraits of 6th graders

 Lesson Overview: Using a mirror, draw your self-portrait (head and shoulders).

There are many styles (aesthetic stances) in visual art. Most students develop very personal styles or unique handwriting. Portraits are a good example to show growth and individuality

学習領域Subject Area: ○
A-1○図画工作科/Drawing and Handicrafts[Art Lesson] 
 a表現(1)造形活動/Art Project ○(2)絵,立体,つくりたいもの/Expression and Creativity
 ○b 鑑賞/Appreciation  
A-2○総合的な学習の時間/Period for Integrated Study[Integrated Lesson]  
 a. 国際理解/International Understanding b. 情報/Information c. 環境/Environment  
 d.福祉・健康/Welfare&Health e. 地域や学校の特色/Distinctive Education
 ○f.児童の興味・関心/Children's Own Interests
B.実施日2003年3月9日Date: 3/9/03
C.学校名「宇喜田小学校」:Ukita Elementary School          
D.学年 6年Grade Level:6th
E.先生 Teacher in charge Mr.Makio Kawashima               
F.授業の日数(日): Lesson Length (Days):1 day
  時間数(時間)45分授業 2 Hours[45-minute class periods]
G.場所/Place at「図工室」art room
H.主なねらい/Lesson Objectives:
This lesson aims at helping children develop capability and ability to discover problems by themselves and solve those problems properly.
ア 表したいことを表すために,形や色,材料の特徴や構成の美しさなどの感じ,つくるものの用途などを 考えるとともに,表し方を構想し計画して,創造的な技能などを生かして表現すること。
In making an individual artistic expression, students will be encouraged to consider shape, color, art material characteristics, aesthetic composition, and the use of the art piece, itself.
They will be allowed to plan out how they can artistically construct and utilize creative technique in their expression. 
 ○〔図画工作科第5,6学年 B鑑賞〕
ア 自分たちの作品や表し方の変化などに関心をもって見るとともに,表現の意図や特徴をとらえ,見方や感じ方を深めるようにすること。
Help the student to find in his/her own art piece the uniqueness of expression, so that he/she may deepen their art sensitivities and artistic view point.
Technology Objectives
Students will become more familiar with the use of watercolors as art medium, as art form.
Style Objectives
There are many styles (aesthetic stances) in visual art. Most students develop very personal styles or unique handwriting.

自画像 Self-Portraits 6年生 6th Grade Class

オン・ライン資源:On-line resources: Artcyclopediahttp://www.artcyclopedia.com/


Naturalism or naturalism - A style in which an artist intends to represent a subject as it appears in the natural world -- precisely and objectivly -- as opposed to being represented in a stylized or intellectually manipulated manner. Although naturalism is often used interchangeably with the term realism, there is a difference between them. The realism of Gustave Courbet (French, 1819-1877) is more interested in the honest depiction of unpretentious subjects, while the naturalism of Ernest Meissonier (French, 1815-1891) is more a visually accurate depiction of subjects which in other hands might well have been depicted pretentiously.

印象派- それを描く芸術運動およびスタイルは、1860年代にフランスでスタートしました。印象派の芸術家は、異なる時刻に対する日光の影響を示すそれらの対象の率直な一瞥を描こうとしました。この運動のリーダーは次のとおりでした:カミーユ・ピサロ(1830-1903)、エドガー・ドガ(1834-1917)、クロード・モネ(1840-1926)およびピエール・ルノワール(1841-1919)。

An art movement and style of painting that started in France during the 1860s. Impressionist artists tried to paint candid glimpses of their subjects showing the effects of sunlight on things at different times of day. The leaders of this movement were: Camille Pissarro (French, 1830-1903), Edgar Degas (French, 1834-1917), Claude Monet (French, 1840-1926), and Pierre Renoir (French, 1841-1919). Some of the early work of Paul Cezanne (French, 1839-1906) fits into this style, though his later work so transcends it that it belongs to another movement known as Post-Impressionism.



A Japanese style of animation that has been applied to a wide variety of subject matter -- genres including childhood adventure, western adventure, and samurai adventure to retro-futuristic sci-fi and violent, graphic pornography.

Expressionism is a style of art in which the intention is not to reproduce a subject accurately, but instead to portray it in such a way as to express the inner state of the artist. The movement is associated with Germany in particular, and was influenced by such emotionally-charged styles as Symbolism, Fauvism, and Cubism.
[6]フォービズム Fauvism


An early twentieth century art movement and style of painting in France. The name Fauves, French for "Wild Beasts," was given to artists adhering to this style because it was felt that they used intense colors in a violent, uncontrolled way. The leader of the Fauves was Henri Matisse (French, 1869-1954).

I.学習過程/Lesson Activities:[Procedures]
オン・ライン資源:On-line resources: Suggested websites:
 ○アイルランド国立自画像コレクション - リムリック大学 <National Self Portrait Collection of Ireland>

Style - An artist's characteristic manner of expression. Also, works of art by different artists may have certain features in common. Such works are said to have a group style.

In this Lesson, some examples of group styles are Drawing-style, Naturalism, Realismrealism, Impressionism, Anime-style, Expressionism, Fauvism.

J.支援・評価/Support,Evaluation Procedure:
Appreciate self-portraits.
Students produced a finished work of art. Students discussed their work with others and looked at others work.

 評価基準: Evaluation Procedure:
J-1図画工作科Art Lesson
教師評価 3段階:3 Point Scale
 1 points- Work shows little effort or individuality.
 2.points- Work shows effort to complete assignment and follow directions but little originality
 3.points - Excellent effort displayed during work and shows creative expression and technique.

J-2 「総合的な学習の時間」"Period for Integrated Study"
評価観点:Assessment Matrix
 1.ability to discover problems by themselves.
 2.ability to judge and solve those problems properly.
 3. learn how to learn and research.
 4.use their knowledge and skills comprehensively in daily life.
 creatively cope with their own way of life.
 5.acquired the "zest for living" such as ability to learn and think independently.

The students will be evaluated on the success and creativity of their self-portrait work, personal growth, knowledge obtained throughout the lesson, and overall performance.

 ○イラストボードillustration- board

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