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Center for Human and Organizational Development Resource

1 .Mission

Our mission is providing resources that enhance Human and Organizational Development. It consists of family counseling, retreat groups, training programs , workshops and outcome of our research. Human Development means enhancing self directive attitude of persons. Organizational Development means building the environment to facilitate persons' self directive attitude. It is compared to a flower of hydrangea. A flower of hydrangea consists of many small flowers. Each small flowers have each own beauty and also a flower of hydrangea has its own beauty. It is wonderful harmony. Small flowers are persons. Big flower is their organization. They are supporting each other.

2. Activities of CHODR

(1) Providing family counseling, retreat groups, workshops and training programs

  Our approach is Person Centered Approach (PCA).

  It opens to other approaches which help to achieve the mission.


  •      Deep growth experience through small groups: so-called "encounter groups"
  •      Skills: Assertion skills
                     Listening skills
                     Problem solving meeting skills
                     Participative meeting skills
  •       Retreat
  •       KJ method: Methods for integration of qualitative data by Jiro Kawakita

   Possible clients

  •        Families
  •        Workers on social services: social workers or care givers
  •        Educators for social welfare: field instructors
  •        Administrative staffs of corporations
  •        Staffs in Local governments, communities
  •        Dietitians, Nurses
  •        Educators: teachers in traditional schools, teachers in alternative schools      
  •        People who are interested in PCA
  •        People who want to enrich their lives
  •        other possibility: it depends on member's interests

   Workshops on work place and Workshops on outside of workplaces
   International, multi cultural encounter

  •        CSP : Center for Studies of the Person
  •        CHODR is sponsored by CSP
  •        PMP: Play Mountain Place: Humanistic Alternative School in Los Angeles
  •        International Children's PCA Forum
  •        CHODR annual meeting
  •        Etc.
  •        CHODR hopes to have international community

(3) Research

  •       Developing workshop programs
  •       Exploring new organization, more humanistic, more flexible
  •       Exploring new philosophy by integration of Western and Eastern culture


3. Non Profit Organization (NPO)

    We think that NPO is the most suitable organization to achieve our mission. Currently many
Non profit Organizations are  founding in Japan.   We recognize our society is
changing rapidly.  We will organize this center to NPO.

3. CHODR is flexible and Person Centered Organization

    Tentatively the office will be located in my house. It is the place only the
information comes together. Each members can do each activity in their places.
CHODR is very flexible organization linking by person and information   beyond
    geographical space.


4. Summary

    CHODR is the organization that provides the resources for enhance human and
    organizational development in families, corporations and other forms of organizations.
    It is linked by persons and their information and also the model of new age, person-centered,
    flexible organization.

Kazuo Yamashita , April 2006


       Kazuo Yamashita

       6-7 Naba Higashi Honmachi

       Aioi Hyogo 678-0056