Privacy Policy

About the handling of personal information

The "Easy Music Composer" app collects personal data through a third party service Google AdMob and Firebase for the purpose to show advertisements.
Google AdMob allows user data to be utilized for advertising communication purposes displayed in the form of banners and other advertisements, possibly based on user interests.
For more information, please check the privacy policy of Google/Admob: here.
Privacy Policy of Google

The only function to send personal information to the outside is advertising related.
"Easy Music Composer" does not acquire personal information.

App permissions and purpose of use

*SD card data reading and writing
Used when copying music files created with "Easy Music Composer" to a computer etc.

About the handling such as e-mail address in inquiry

It is used for support purposes only and will not be released to third parties or outside.

About privacy policy change

The contents of this policy may be changed as needed in accordance with changes in laws and regulations, etc., in order to protect personal information.
The changed privacy policy is described on this page.

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