We will explain "edit" with a concrete example

Tap "4 beats" on the initial screen to display the "Chord Progress" screen.
From the screen, you can check that a song of 4 bars of chord progression "Am" "G" "F" "E" are created.
(A 4 bars song is automatically created immediately after launching Easy Music Composer.)

Tap "Edit" from the menu.
In the edit screen, 4 bars are editable. (1 cell represents 2 bars)


Copy the 4 bar song to make it an 8 bar song.
Tap the cell of 1 bar, the cell of 3 bar, and the "Copy" button in order. Then, the cell of 5 bars becomes tappable.

Tap the cell of 5 bars and "Insert" button. Then, the song of 1 to 4 bars becomes the song of 1 to 8 bars.


To delete 5 to 8 bars, tap cells of 5 bars and 7 bars, and then tap the "Delete" button.

If you make a mistake during operation, tap the "Undo" button.