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Since Feb. 01, 2001
Last Update Sep. 28, 2012


Sarobetsu wilderness area in Hokkaido  September 2, 2012

Sakamachi station in Niigata  January 28, 2012
Japan is the role that a lighthouse is important for a ship so that it is surrounded in the sea.
Therefore there are about 3200 Japanese lighthouses. 
It is a many small lighthouse of buoy as the aids to navigation. there is most it.
However, there is a lot a historic valuable beautiful lighthouse.
139 years ago, a lighthouse of West model was built as a pioneer of modern times civilization in Japan by "kannonsaki" of "Miura" peninsula.There is a day exposed to wind and rain, and a lighthouse has a severe mission.At the same time, as scenery filled with romance, a lot of tourists
visit it recently.This site introduced the charm by a photograph about
"the lighthouse" which I visited in Japan.Therefore, there might be the
expression that was personal belief, but introduced it as a frank impression.
There is a lighthouse becoming a sightseeing
spot by a difference of the geographical convenience. In addition, the
re is the quiet
lighthouse where a tourist is not adversely. Both are attractive. 

Richard Henry Brunton
Father of a Japanese lighthouse

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