Actual Seeing

I captured high speed shutter images of a star and made them an animation. The seeing is caused by the turbulence of the atmosphere which exsits between CCD and 10 km altitude atmosphere dominately.

Let's see the animation !!

Star : Arcturus
Optics : Celestron C8 + 3 x barlow lens , f,l,=6000mm Fno=30.0
Camera : Pictor416XTE MEADE
Exposure : 1/100 seconds
Date  May 14th 2000, 23:10:00
Place Tucson

Image process

Logarithm tone curve transferd for enhance of faint parts
Unsharp mask for enhance of detail
14 frames with 100 ms each ( animation )
Each peak is put in the center of the picture frame, which is equivalent to an animation or image by using tip-tilt optics.

Speckel parturn
Left : in bad seeing , Right : in good seeing

Seeing animation

1999,7,28 in Japanese
2000,5,15 UPDATE in Japanese
2000,7,11 UPDATE in English