Images depending on resolution power

The upper limit of ground-based on telescope is decided by atmospere, not its aperture. It is very difficult to use large telescopes' potential. Pic de midi observatori's planetary images are superior to Palomar's 5 meter telescope's. Moreover, HST shows us the highest resolution images ever.

I had a big question that was how I could see Jupiter with my scope under a condition.

I conbolved HST's Jupiter's image assuming 5cm, 10cm, 20cm, and 40cm telescope.

Left : Zoom up image of HST's Jupiter , Right : HST's Jupiter image

PSF is assumed sinc^2.
CPU=Celeron450MHz took 1 minuite.

From left, 5cm、10cm、20cm、40cm、calculated image with assuming outer space, no air

Comparing those results with our experience, 5 cm calculated image is superior to 20 cm our experience. I have heard that my scope would be 5 times powerful if I brought it outerspace. This story is not a lie, I say.

Let's see Jupiter images with variable seeing conditionsChart of Seeing

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