Planetary Rotaional Canceler

Have you taken images of Jupiter? You might know how fast the rotation was if you have. The period of Jupiter's rotaion is 11 hours approximately, so we can see the phase difference in 10 min. easily.
It just takes 4 min. that Jupiter's patern moves in 1 arc-second. Therefore, the composited image in 10 min. is streaming to rotaitonal direction. Some people try to composite those images to prevent from streaming, and the patern of the center become the standard point. However, the edge of planets shits.

The upper image was just combined with tri-color images, whose red image is 5 min. ahead of green image, and the blue one is 5 min. behind of green one.

This upper image was combined with tri-color images by centering patern, but the edge is not coincident.

Then, I invented an algorythm to make a compsite of all surface, which means that there are no shifts. It calculates how many pixels moved in a time, and modifies moved pixels back to original position.

This upper image is a simulation image that composites all surface with no shifts.
Digital images have time when we took them exactly, so it is easy to know the time difference for fixing.
See the real applied image, which were taken in 8 min. It is an amazing result.

PRC ON image and OFF image

June 29th, 2002