SBIG STL's mount is limited for attachments. I made Mount60 which is very useful for connecting telescopes or camera lenses. The construction is simle and solid. The height of the 60mm & 55mm hole is adjusted for PENTAX back focus, 45.46mm. Nikon and Canon are different from this value.

Mount60 cross section diagram

Three screw holes are on sides for push male attachment.


Mount 60mm on SBIG STL body

The diameter of SBIG's PENTAX camera mount is 59.8mm, so 60mm mount can be inserted.

PENTAX mount in Mount60

The diameter of BORG's 42mm-57mm adapter is also 59.8mm

Mount60 with AO-7

This is most useful for all telescope attachment. My Flat Schmidt Camera has this 60mm taper male mount.

male taper 60mm for Mount60

Mount60 with Baker Schmidt camera

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