Leonid Meteors in 2001

@Leonid meteors were very active in Japan on November 18th's night. Thousands shooting stars were falling, and its peak seemed to be at 3am on 19th. They were so bright that we could see and recognize that they were green and orange. See the under the color picture.

Leonid meteors' color image ( Click to enlarge it)

The rate of shooting stars seemed to be hundreds or thousands at peak. A 60 seconds exposuure images got 9 meteors at maximum. I took sequential picture from 1am to 5am, and let's see the 1 hour combined image of 3am's.

1 hour combined image at 3am

@Then, see the each hours from 1 to 5am.

1hour combined images

The images include shooting stars and back ground stars in the Milky Way. However, the back ground stars are messy to see shooting stars only. They are regarded as noise, and can be removed with computer process. See the next image that was removed the back ground stars.

1hour combined image without back ground stars

See the movie (860KB) if you have the high speed internet

Time : November 18-19th (JST)
Exposure : 60 seconds
Location : Yamanashi, Japan
1am's 1:06-1:58
2am's 2:00-2:59
3am's 3:00-3:57
4am's 3:58-5:10
Camera : Apogee AP2Ep
Optics : Sigma 8mm circular fish eye lens Fno4.0
Equotial mountFEM-200