Redshift by the Universe expansion

Owing to modern high technology, I observed the redshift by expanding univese. My handmade low-dispersion spectroscopy has enough resolution to detect the redshit. One of the most difficulty was that quasar 3C273 was so dark, and I thought that I had to have a sub scope to cancel a periodic motion. However, I did not need the guiding scope because the direction of the dispersion was parpendicularto the periodic motion.

To make it clear, I compared the redshift with Mesie 8 because nebulae emissions Hydrogen line, 656, 486,... nm. This season, June, I could observe M8 easily.

Unredshift H-alpha is 656nm, but 3C273's redshited H-alpher is 761nm !! 16% of the wavelength is redshifting, which means that 3C273 is moving away from us at 44000 km/sec. !! It's amazing speed !
By the Hubble's law, the distance is 2,000,000,000 light years, double amazing !!

Spectrum of 3C273