CCD Format

There are many kinds of CCD chips now, and it makes us confused sometimes. It is time to classify CCD format. Next category seems to be very reasonable to understand feature of CCDs.

Small Format : under 100 mm^2
Middle Format : under 400 mm^2 and over 100 mm^2
Large Format : under 1600 mm^2 and over 400 mm^2
Super Large Format : over 1600 mm^2

KAF-401E is a Small Format, KAF-1602E or KAF-3200E are Middle Format, and KAI-11000M or KAF-1001E are Large Format.

Next diagram is plotted CCD's area vs their quantum efficiency.

CCD format vs Q.E.

The total photon is calculated as CCD area times Q.E. This value is very important for photograph because much photon is higher signal-to-noise, which means a high quality. Curves on the diagram are equal lines of the value. Any CCD on the same line should have same number of photons.

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August 18th, 2003