ABG chip or NABG chip ?

We have two choice of CCD chip when we purchase CCD camera. One has a NABG chip, and the other one has a ABG chip. NABG chip has higher sensitive but blooming problems. On the other hand, ABG chip has no blooming problems but a lower sensitivity. ABG is the anti-blooming gate that prevents from blooming caused by satuated pixels, and the gate shuts off the incident light.
How higher is the NABG chip than ABG one?
The next graph is the spectral sensitivities of KAF-1602E, KODAK, and KAF-1602LE.

Higher line : NABG chip, lower line : ABG chip

Approximately NABG chip has twice sensitivity of ABG chip.

October 31st, 2002 in English
December 4th, 2000 originally in Japanse