Anti-Blooming Filter on Sale

Anti-Blooming Filter(ABF) is now on Sale from Starizona


1, Extremely quick process
2, Very smooth and natural image after process
3, Not affect non-blooming area
4, No more anti-blooming CCD camera

Applied field

1, Comet search ---- preventing from misdiscovery
2, Novae search ---- preventing from misdicovery
3, Gallery image ---- making beautiful pictures

Here are examples, color images after removed blooming.

Upper : Original image, Lower : Processed with anti-blooming filter

near Antares

A bright star in a image of comet LINEAR ( 2001 A2 )

4th magnitude star, 52 Cyg, nearby Veil nebula

5th magnitude star, 56 Cyg, in Pelican nebula
Attention to the recovered stars that were hided under blooming

2002, June 22nd ( Modified )