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Necessary Documents of Certificate of Eligibility (Intra-company Transferee)

  1. Two (2) Photos (4~3c).
  2. Application sheet.
  3. Certificate Registration Copy of your Japan Branch (within 3 mounth).
  4. Document concerning the applicantfs business activities; (One or more of the items).
  5. Business plan in Japan Branch of next one year and good balance sheet.
  6. Copy of receipt on your business.
  7. Letter of appointment (transfer) issued by parent company or contracts (duties, duration,position salary/more than 250,000 yen).
  8. Copy of diploma or graduation certificate and business career documents(necessary: more than one or two year in the parent company).
  9. Curriculum Vitae.
  10. Article and Copies of the company registration of the parent company in a foreign country.
  11. Material showing its outline (Head office and Japan office).
  12. Copies of the Passport.
  13. Alien Registration in Japan (if any)
  14. Branch Seal
  15. Lease agreement (Branch office in Japan)