david grubbs discography

last revised on dec.31 '98
new addition; [apertura] & his new label, "send in the clowns", "the alley of the shadow of rats pt.2", the red krayola's long title; [the thicket] released; correct playing parts in the richard buckner's album.
additional info or corrections are welcome to jnn@aries.bekkoame.or.jp.
thanks to david grubbs and those who helped out.

solo works

・[apertura] cd (blue chopsticks, bc2); to be released in april 1999 w/ mats gustafsson
notes: _blue chopsticks_ is grubbs' new label. #bc1 will be luc ferrari's [interrupteur/ tautologos 3] (out in april).
・"the alley of the shadow of rats pt.2" as part of jerome joy's installation [collage jukebox 2.0] 1999
・[the coxcomb] lp/picture disc (rectangle); to be released in january 1999
・"send in the clowns" on the bonus disc of the boxhead ensemble's [the last place to go] 2cd (atavistic) 1998 w/ will oldham
・[the thicket] cd/lp (drag city, dc160) 1998
・"wind chimes (after perpetuity's noon)" on [smiling pets] comp cd (sony japan, srcs 325) 1998; covers brian wilson
・"the alley of the shadow of rats" on comp cd included with [halana] #3 1997
・rlw, "pullover" on [tulpas] 5cd (selektion, scd024) 1997
・[banana cabbage, potato lettuce, onion orange] lp/cd (table of the elements, zinc30) 1997
・"exoteric" on [dig this: a benefit compilation for doorika] comp cd (sweet pea) 1996 w/ john corbett

works as band member

the red krayola

・"the greed of a clarinet, that is puffy from crying gets tossed in butter and spread by notes. this process depresses the entire orchestra so much, that it only plays behind a golden partition. the partition is decorated with semi-precious attractive diamonds" on [steirischer herbst 98] comp 2lp (ici) 1998
・[songs for ohio] 7"; included in [ohio] #6 (1997), a magazine from koeln, germany; songs are "i'm so blase (instrumental)" b/w "father abraham (alternate mix)"
・[hazel] lp/cd (drag city, dc98) 1996
・[deliverance] bootleg (no label) 1996
notes: mixed and compiled by wendy gondeln (a pseudonym).
・[amor and language] cd-ep (drag city, dc53) 1995
・[the red krayola] lp/cd (drag city, dc52) 1994
・"columbia" on [hey drag city] comp 2lp/cd (drag city, dc20) 1994
・[14/stink program] 7" (drag city, dc48) 1994

gastr del sol

(see gastr del sol discography)


・"sketch for sleepy" on [teenbeat fifti] comp cd (teenbeat, 50) 1993
・"l'ombre de nous (a man and a woman soundtrack)/produkt" on combo 7" w/codeine (glitterhouse) 1991
notes: not a split; both bands play on both sides.
・"it's mercury i've got in my hips" on [flat] comp 7" (locust) 1991
・"nothing special" on split 7" w/my dad is dead (clawfist) 1990; covering mdid song
・[sing the troubled beast] lp/cd (homestead, hms164) 1990
・[diablo guapo] lp/cd (homestead, hms132) 1989
・[shoot me a deer/ goiter blazes] 7" (homestead, hms131) 1989
・[rode hard and put up wet] ep (homestead, hms111) 1988
・"flesh-colored house" on [human music] comp lp/cd (homestead, hms100) 1988

squirrel bait

・untitled 7" (plastic jaw) 1987; as the (fictional) group called "motolora cloudburst"
notes: the two untitled songs on the a-side are entitled "tense" and "earth shattering." they are are outtakes from the first squirrel bait recording session (of which there are still seven unreleased songs). the single was given away to subscribers of the fanzine [the pope], edited by tim adams (who now runs ajax distribution).
・"sun god" on [the wailing ultimate] sampler lp (homestead) 1986
・[skag heaven] lp (homestead, hms072) 1986; lp/cd reissued (dexter's cigar, dex11) 1997
・[kid dynamite] 7" (homestead, hms061) 1986
・[squirrel bait] lp (homestead, hms028) 1985; lp/cd reissued (dexter's cigar, dex10) 1997
notes: homestead had [squirrel bait/skag heaven] 2-in-1 cd (homestead, hmscd072), which was "criminally overpriced" from grubbs' point of view.

the happy cadavers

・[with illustrations] 4-song 7" ep (undefined) 1982

collectively improvised works

・[dutch harbor: when the sea breaks its back] soundtrack cd (atavistic, alp85cd) 1997; plays guitar and piano on 4 tracks as member of improvising group "the boxhead ensemble" with ken vandermark, jim o'rourke, douglas mccombs, etc.

guest appearances

bonnie prince billy (aka will oldham), [black dissimulation/ no such as what i want] 7" (all city, nomad) 1998; electric piano on the b-side
・stephen prina, [push comes to love] lp/cd (drag city) forthcoming; co-production (with jim o'rourke), guitar, piano, backing vocals
richard buckner [since] cd (mca) 1998; piano, organ
・dirty three, [ocean songs] cd/2lp (touch and go, tg193) 1998; piano and harmonium
・dolly varden, [the thrill of gravity] cd (evil teen, etr10007-2) 1998; piano on 2 songs
royal trux, [singles, live, unreleased] 3lp/2cd (drag city, dc93) 1997; synthesizer
edith frost, [calling over time] lp/cd (drag city, dc89) 1997; piano, organ and guitar
will oldham, [western music] cd-ep (acuarela/ovni, aff002) 1997; electric piano
・rlw, [pullover] cd (table of the elements, germanium32) 1996; voice on one track; also english translation
palace music, [arise, therefore] lp/cd (drag city, dc88) 1996; piano and organ
tony conrad, [ten years alive on the infinite plain] 7" (table of the elements, copper29b) 1995; long-stringed instrument
notes: this 7" was included with the first 500 copies of the gastr del sol/tony conrad split 7"
・tony conrad, [slapping pythagoras] cd (table of the elements, vanadium23) 1995; guitar and pillow
・tony conrad, untitled track on a free, one-sided 7" (table of the elements, nickel28) 1995
brise-glace, [when in vanitas...] lp/cd (skin graft, gr17) 1994; organ
codeine, [the white birch] lp/cd (sub pop, sp166b) 1994; guitar on 2 songs
・king kong, [funny farm] lp/cd (drag city, dc33) 1993; guitar
・codeine, [tom/something new] 7" (sub pop, sp242) 1993; guitar
・codeine, [barely real] cd (sub pop, sp207b) 1993; arrangement and piano on 1 song ・bitch magnet, [sadie b/w where eagles fly] promo-only single; given away with [ben hur] 1990; grubbs is on the b-side; the correct title should be "where eagles dare," and it should have been attributed to the misfits -- it's a cover
・bitch magnet, "valmead" on [ben hur] lp/cd (communion, comm21) 1990; credited as "shannon doughton" -- the pseudonym used by britt walford on the first record by the breeders
・bitch magnet, [valmead b/w pea] 7" single and 12" ep (glitterhouse) 1989; ep contains extra live tracks
notes: on bitch magnet's 1989 album [umber], the "dave" who plays guitar is dave galt.

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