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分析 Analysis by Kotaro Tsukahara
  Many of today's standards are based on the great American composer,George Gershwin, but he actually used several formations from The Nutcracker.

数あるJazzナンバーはI Got Rhythmを母体としてるが、その基は小序曲である。
Many jazz standards are based on I Got Rhythm,but surprising,that I Got Rhythm is based
on Ouverture Miniature.Noreen's Nocturne is similar to Ouverture Miniature.

ジョージガーシュインのThey Can't Take That Away From Meは葦笛の踊りの音楽形式と酷似している。
George Gershwin's They Can't Take That Away From Me is based on Danse Des Mirlitons.
The famous jazz standard,Django(John Lewis) is said to be the same as the Danse de la Fee Dragee.
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