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It is the Japanese old facial culture that Maiko of Kyouto goes for.We can operate on you with a Japanese old razor(kamisori). Shaving a face

This is the care for basic face.I am reliable safety and go sanitarily.You will feel traditional Japan if you close your eyes.An expert woman barber waits for you.

レディースシェービングMetabolism of skin is promoted safely.
Your physical and mental fatigue is removed.

When you leave barber shop "Kanda",you surely become younger.

Please test it in this shop.
Price・・・・4100 yen

What is "Kamisori" ?

" Kamisori " is Japanese razor.>

" Kami " + " Sori "

" Kami " means " Hair ".
Sori " means " Shaving "

" Kamisori " is a tool to use when a priest of Buddhism shaves his head.

A custom from old times of Japanese woman.
A Japanese woman has a custom to shave a face.
I can clean make up brightly by shaving a face.
It promotes metabolism to shave a faceand makes the blood circulation better.
A Japanese razor (KAMISORI) is kind to skin and does not sprinkle an extra burden to skin.

The Beauty of Japanese woman

Significance to shave the face of the woman 1 It will remove an old horny layer of the skin safely to shave a face. 2 The downy hair in the face interferes with the makeup. It is the cause why cosmetics are hard to appear in skin. 3 It will shorten time to spend it on makeup to shave a downy hair of the skin. The Japanese razor to use in this shop holds influence to give your skin in check at minimum. A Japanese razor is a single edge whereas a Western razor is a double=edged blade. We do not betray your expectation. We hope that you visit Kanda barber. Please talk on the telephone without hesitation.

Do you have any problems with makeup ?
Makeup becomes easier when there is no hair loss.
We can safely eliminate hair loss.
It is a relaxing time of 1 hour.
Face shaving is a traditional Japanese custom.
The razor uses a Japanese ancient razor.
Please try face sledding.
Monday and Tuesdays are closed.

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Barber shop " Kanda "
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