"The more one pursues the possibility of the paintings, the more the definition of the paintings are broken and then, one leaves the world of the paintings. But I believe the paintings can touch and heal our hearts through the body, like a human-being.." (Kato Shojiro)

Mr.Kato has earned his M.F.A. in Japanese style painting at Graduate School of Tama Art University in 1978. 
"Japanese style painting" is coined by the inflow of Western painting after the period of isolation 130 years ago to distinguish Japanese traditional painting from Western painting. Historically, "Japanese style painting" can be defined as a unique painting developed in Japan, which originally came from China. The painting is drawn basically with Indian ink, shells, powdered mineral pigments, clay, gold leaves, glues, etc. It might be a primitive way but it can be the system for mutual sympathy between nature and human-beings.

Although Mr.Kato's style is based on Japanese style painting, his pursuit of painting is beyond both Japanese style and Western style. His paintings have simple structure but have impact and hidden power at the same time. The motif seems to be a human being but there is no face, no character. He avoids to express the feeling directly, but tries to make the viewer's image concrete through the reality created by the contrast between the body and the color.